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[andaman_promo andaman_promo_text=”Why we exist!” andaman_content=”Our mission is to enhance the business growth and development potential of our clients by providing them with Innovative, Secure, Robust and Reliable Tech Solutions that create value for them and increases their competitive advantage.”]
Innovation 90%
Customer Care 75%
Continuity 83%
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[andaman_services_grid andaman_icons=”fas fa-desktop” andaman_name=”Web Apps Development” andaman_text=”Custom Developed web-based Applications to boost collaborative performance and increased productivity at the workplace.”]
[andaman_services_grid andaman_icons=”fab fa-app-store” andaman_name=”Mobile Apps” andaman_text=”Developing flexible and stable apps that you can take with you wherever you go on your mobile phone.”]
[andaman_services_grid andaman_icons=”fab fa-internet-explorer” andaman_name=”Web Design & Dev” andaman_text=”Building detailed, cutting – edge, stunning brand- building websites for businesses to sell their brand on the internet.”]
[andaman_services_grid andaman_icons=”far fa-comments” andaman_name=”Bulk SMS” andaman_text=”Keep in touch with your customers and clients through our robust SMS Platform”]
[andaman_services_grid andaman_icons=”fas fa-laptop” andaman_name=”Workshops & Trainings” andaman_text=”Improving workplace productivity through the organisation of capacity building workshiops”]
[andaman_services_grid andaman_name=”Security & Forensics” andaman_text=”Providing training programmes on various fields of IT & Security for Governement Institutions and NGOs”]
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