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Who we are

A quest to convince a small retail shop owner in Tamale- Ghana to quit using traditional cashbooks in managing and keeping his business and sales records by offering to develop  a simple web-based point of sale system, led to what would become a software company three years down the line with a simply mission, “to provide software solutions to small and medium scale businesses”. 

A few years after that small-by-price yet remarkable-by-value sale, Kindred has evolved to become the leading provider of  software and IT related services in Tamale, thanks to our core and driving principles of Dedication to Quality, Attention to detail, and Reliable After-Sale Support.

We take pride in having worked with and provided our services for numerous small and medium scale business within the city including Government Agencies and Privately owned corporations. The Bole District Assembly, Tempane District Assembly, The Tamale Technical University, Global Dream Hotel Limited, Drive For Health Foundation and Ashfoam Tamale Showroom are a few of our happy clients who believed in us, and are happy they did.

What we do

Kindred Technologies is a Software Development And IT Consultancy Firm providing cutting-edge custom software solutions to start-ups, small-to-medium and large scale businesses across Ghana. We offer software solutions are designed for Institutions, Corporations and Business looking to automate their business processes, increase productivity and measure work output metrics.

Our expertise revolves primarily around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems and Solutions, Business Automation Software, Mobile Applications and Web Development Solutions for Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions, Service and Retail Companies and Non-Governmental Organisations.

We have lined up a team of highly-skilled front-end developers and a persevering team of back-end programmers who stop at nothing to tailor your requested solution to be robust and dependable enough when deployed.

Smart systems for smart people

Giving business owners and leaders the right tools that not only records, but monitors, tracks and reports in detail, all the information, statistics and analytics that every business owners needs in order to make informed decisions is what we stand for.

Why Kindred

Complete Solutions

Our iterative workflow allows us to provide the core functions of our solutions to the client, and complete the software life-cycle through using agile development principles

Ease Of Use

Continous research by our R&D teams have led to customer-centered designs that make it completely easy for any user to be up and running in a few minutes. Our systems come without a manual

Reliable After-Sales Support

The delivery of our product marks the beginning of a life-long relationship that we cherish and keep moving by being there when you need us

Why we exist

Regardless of the fact that your business is at its start-up stages, a small existing business you are running or you have evolved into a giant corporation, data  management, business record keeping, brand growth & management and staff productivity would soon become an albatross around your neck if only staying on top of the competition is your number one goal.

You soon might even get overwhelmed and start asking questions like

  1. How do we handle the volumes of sales and stock records we have?
  2. How do we keep a good track of our customers and remain connected to our customers
  3. We need to get a website for our company/institution, how do we get a developer we can
  4. Which training institution would be able to give our staff a good hands-on approach to
    improved work-output using technology-based solutions to boost our productivity?

Why worry about a problem when the solution is staring at you in the face. Just Call Kindred

We dont do business, we build
relationships that thrive on offering quality and value for money and being a reliable partner in
the growth of the companies we work with and for.